MunzStat is coming to a MunzStop

Five and a half years ago I started the MunzStat project. It has always been a project that I did for fun. In the beginning I was always eager to add new features. Through the years I’ve received a great deal of positive feedback for my work and for this I’m very grateful – thank you!

As you may have noticed the updates have been rare lately. The motivation simply hasn’t been there. I’ve kept things running though, always updating the backend systems as bouncers, greeting cards, POIs, and destination types were released.

It has come to a point where just keeping things running has become a chore. So I have decided to stop. I will – by the end of January or shortly thereafter – unlist the MunzStat app from Google Play, shut down the website, and stop all related backend services. Things will stop working. There’ll be no further updates from now. After the shutdown please uninstall the app from all your devices – it will just take up space and possibly drain your battery anyway.

My decision to stop has nothing to do with anything going on in the Munzee community, or with Munzee in general.

A final but important note – the Clan Stats site provided by RUJA is not affected by this decision.